Polish music for childres in the sounds of clarinet and piano

The new project of clarinetist Barbara Borowicz and pianist Anna Miernik “Polish music for children in the sounds of clarinet and piano” is realized by the Krakow Artistic Association PianoClassic in cooperation with the Life and Art Foundation. The purpose of their latest project is to familiarize students of first-level music schools with chamber music by Polish composers.

The event will take place in polish music schools such as:

Music School in Domosławice (04/12/18)

Music School in Korzenna (06/12/18)

Music School in Lubaczów (11/12/18)

Music School in Skawina (March 2019)

Music School in Wadowice (March 2019)

Both artists: Barbara Borowicz and Anna Miernik are involved in the promotion of Polish music in the country and abroad. They want to encourage young musicans to interest of national music culture.

More about artists: www.barbaraborowicz.com   www.annamiernik.com

The programme includes interpretative courses for students, a lecture about Polish music with particular emphasis on the role of clarinet and piano, clarinet exhibition with accessories and a lecture on the subject of clarinet maintenance conducted by Tomasz Cyzowski from the renowned Piotr Śmietana Brass Instruments Service. The finale of each day of the project in a given school is a concert of Polish music performed by clarinetist Barbara Borowicz and pianist Anna Miernik.

The project was financed with funds PZU Foundation.