Drodzy Uczestnicy, w związku z wydłużonym terminem zgłoszeń wyniki zostaną opublikowane 10 czerwca. Zapewni to Jury czas niezbędny do rzetelnego przesłuchania wszystkich nagrań.

Dear Participants, according to extended application deadline the results will be published on 10th June. It will give our Jury time that is necessary to listen all recordings properly.


RESULTS of the 1st International Competition ArtSong OPUS

§ 1 General terms

  1. The organiser of the 1st International Competition ArtSong Opus 2021 (further: “Competition”) is the Life and Art Foundation with its main office in Krakow, Poland.
  2. The competition is held only online. Every necessary piece of information concerning the competition is  posted on the website www.lifeandart.eu.

§ 2 Organisation of the competition

  1. The participants of the competition are divided into following categories:

I. Singers with piano accompanist

• Category A: born in 2003 and younger – program up to 10 minutes

• Category B: born in 2002-1996 – program up to 15 minutes

• Category C: born in 1995-1989 – program up to 15 minutes

II. Chamber Duo – Singer with piano

• Category D: the whole group must be born in 1989 or younger – program up to 20 minutes


2. Regulations:

  • Program (text of composition) could be in any language
  • Could be song-cycle, songs from song-cycles or independent songs composed or arranged by composer for piano and singer
  • NO opera, operetta or musical repertoire involved in this competition, only classical music songs composed for piano and voice will be considered (Art song / Lied / Chanson / Canzone / Cancion and similar)
  • Participants must send the vocal and piano sheet music in pdf
  • Singer should perform without sheet music
  • Recording should be recorded at once like on recital
  • Jury will give scores for singing and playing techniques, musicality, difficultyof the program.

    § 3 The participants of the competition

  1. Singers and pianist of all nationalities, born from 1st January 1989 can take part in the Competition, including: the students of music schools of the first and second degree, students and graduates of higher education schools, performing classical music.
  2. The competition is dedicated to the Young singers with piano accompanist and to the Art song Duos (vocal and piano). There is prize for the best duo, best singer and best pianist of the competition.

  3. The participation in the competition is voluntary.

§ 4 Terms of participation

  1. In order to participate in the Competition it is mandatory to send a one link with an audio-video recording (YouTube). Participant who sends more than one link will be disqualified. The length of recording should be in accordance with the category a participant is assigned to. The description of the recording on YouTube must include the following: “International Competition ArtSong OPUS 2021, name and surname of the participants (both singer and pianist), category” and program. The audio-video recording must be set to public.
  2. The recording cannot be edited and should contain the whole silhouette of the singer or the whole ensemble, from the distance that enables to identify participants. The recording cannot be edited, the registration should be made on one camera without any cuts during the performance.
  3. The singer participant of the competition pays a non-refundable donation for statutory purposes of 40 euros, and DUO participants 50 euro (for a group).
  4. Life and Art Foundation does not account or have any liability for any participants’ bank fees and charges that may be levied as a result of currency conversion, foreign exchange transaction, or non-sufficient funds (NSF) transaction. The donation should be completed to:
    Bank of beneficiary – Nest Bank
    IBAN PL04253000082062104094900001
    Remittance information: “donation for statutory purposes + name and surname”.
  5. Link to the video recording with signed application form (in case of underage person – a signature of legal guardian), confirmation of payment and the agreement to process personal data should be sent to an e-mail artsongopus@gmail.com between 1st March 2021 –30th April 2021  16th May 2021.                                                                                                                                   

    § 5 Awards and decisions of the jury
  1. Awards can be monetary and non-monetary.
  2. Special prizes can be awarded, of which the jury decides.
  3. A panel of judges evaluates a submitted audio-video material.
  4. The winners of the first three prizes as well as the honoured performers in everycategory are the laureates of the competition. The Jury has the right not to bestow the awards or to decide to share the awards ex aequo. The division of the awards and prizes is determined by the jury.
  5. The Grand Prix winner will receive 2000 PLN.
  1. Participants’ performances will be evaluated by an international jury consisting of exceptional musicians.
  2. The names and surnames of the laureates of the Competition will be published on the website www.lifeandart.eu on the day the 28th May 2021. Participation certificate will be sent by e-mail to each participant.
  3. The diplomas of laureates will be sent only by e-mails.
  4. The decisions of the jury are final.

Application form 


Ivan Pernicki (Croatia) – artistic director, jury chairman

Martina Gojceta Silic (Croatia)

Magdalena Niedbała-Solarz (Poland)

Mateusz Kurcab (Poland)